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Plum RAM Plus 4G Volte Unlocked Rugged Flip Phone 2022 Model ATT Tmobile – Black

Price: $93.81
(as of Nov 05, 2023 22:26:32 UTC – Details)

The Plum RAM PLUS is a 9th Generation Rugged Flip Phone. it is launched in Feb of 2022. It is equipped with the latest 4G VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) (HD Voice). It is factory unlocked and compatible with ATT, T-Mobile, Speed Talk, Mint, Ting, Consumer Cellular. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Verizon, Straight Talk or Boost). Ram Plus 4G LTE is IP68 and Military Grade with a very strong built. It is Water, Shock and Dust Resistant. It is very easy to use. It has a big display and a big keypad. It has a loudspeaker for handsfree calling and a built-in FM radio so you can listen to your favorite station on the loudspeaker. Its equipped with Camera, Bluetooth and comes with a desk top charger. You can either plug the charger directly into the phone when charging in the car or just drop it in the charger when at home. The external display of the phone keeps you inform of missed calls, text messages, caller id, time, date, battery strength, signal etc. The 1200 mAh battery will provide full day of use or 5 days of standby time It comes ready out of the box. Simply remove the activated (nano size) sim card out of your old phone, install it into your new phone, power your new Plum ram ON. All set. No need to contact your service provider or waste your time at the retail store. It comes with 1 Year US warranty and a lifetime tech support through our US based support team.
Compatible with ATT, Tmobile, Speed Talk, Ting, Mint, Lyca, Walmart Family Mobile. Not compatible with Verizon, Straight Talk or Boost
Water, Shock and Dust Resistant, IP68 Military Grade, Tough Phone that will last you a long time
Ready out of the Box. Remove the Nano size activated sim card from your old phone, install it in your new Plum PLUS, power it ON. All set
Includes, Charger, Cable, Battery, Handsfree, Screw driver, Desk Charger, User Guide
Camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio, Loud Speaker, Easy to use, Big Keypad
This devic works best with Speed Talk Mobile – rates as low as $11 a month Unlimited



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