OMERAI Rug 5x7 Area Rug for Bedroom

Omerai's designers put their sense of life into their rug designs. We recommend Omerai washable rugs that won't look out of place

The tight material bonding makes Omerai rugs extremely durable and friendly to both kids and pets.

Ultra-fine faux cashmere fibers make OMERAI rugs splash-proof and easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or sweeper.

When it's time to clean, throw the area rugs straight into the washing machine and hang it to dry; it still doesn't warp!

Omerai's new rugs change the weave of the surface fibers to make them softer and more skin-friendly.

The anti-slip layer is also increased so that the rug is soundproofed and no longer has to worry about shifting.

If you encounter any problems with our rugs, please feel free to contact us. Omerai Area Rugs provides 7*24h customer service

Customer Review: I love how soft these rugs are. They are low pile but probably the softest rugs I've ever had.