Royoliving Premium Heavyweight Comforter | Queen Size | Turquoise 100% Cotton 

By Super Home 23 | February 27, 2024

Royoliving Premium Comforter :

Sleep is the most essential thing after a hard day. It recharges the body again and here are details of your premium recharge >> 

Winter weight :

The winter weight of the cover goes around 70 oz. This gives a extra cozy feeling and it gives luxurious and fit for snuggling. 

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100% Cotton :

This premium comforter is of 100% cotton.  The product is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ultra-soft, breathable and low noise.

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Greyduck Feathers :

The comforter is made from 80% Greyduck Feathers & 20% Greyduck Down. Thus its fluffy and odorless.

About Feathers :

The feathers are responsibly harvested and guarantee non-living- plucking, the filling has all passed the RDS Professional Certification.

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Usage Tips :

The comforter comes with a premium zippered bag. You can use a cold machine wash and do not bleach.

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Royoliving Premium Comforter | Queen Size | Turquoise 100% Cotton

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