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Lifewit Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Organizer Shelves Over Toilet Storage, Freestanding Bathroom Rack Space Saver with Adjustable Shelves, Light Brown

Price: $109.99 - $89.99
(as of Nov 09, 2023 19:05:29 UTC – Details)

Product Description

ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet

Effortless Assembly in No Time

Prior to beginning, carefully read the instruction manual and watch the setup video. Thoroughly inspect all labeled pieces to ensure proper alignment with the instructions and avoid mistakes. Utilize the provided tools and understand that although setup may be time-consuming, the benefits once complete will be worth it.

ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet Magnetic Door Catch

The cabinet door is securely closed with a built-in magnetic catch, boasting a strong force.

ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet Top Raised Edge Protect

Raised edges surround the top shelf, effectively preventing small items from falling off.

ifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet Metal X-Frame Crossbars

Enhancing the rack’s stability and preventing shaking, a back X cross bar has been added.

3.4 Anti-Fall Design

For your safety during use of the storage shelf, an anti-tilt device has been included.

3.5 4 Adjustable Feet

Featuring 4 adjustable feet, the cabinet will remain stable even on uneven ground.

1 Magnetic Door Catch 2 Top Raised Edge Protect 3 Metal X-Frame Crossbars 4 Anti-Fall Design 5 4 Adjustable Feet

Lifewit.Functional.Bathroom.CabinetLifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet Spacious Capacity Perfectly Meets Needs

This bathroom organizer designed to fit most toilets and washing machines has overall dimensions of 25.2″(64cm)×9.4″(24cm)×71.6″(182cm), with inner leg lengths from left to right measuring 23.4″ (59.5cm). It features both open and hidden storage options, with an adjustable shelf and magnetic door to meet a variety of storage needs.

Lifewit.Functional.Bathroom.CabinetLifewit.Functional.Bathroom.Cabinet Adjustable Shelf Board

Customize the over-the-toilet shelving unit’s middle board height to your needs by choosing from three positions. This allows for placement of towels, toilet paper, shampoo, magazines, candles, and other bathroom essentials.

5.25.2 Adjustable Bottom Cross Bar

No longer worrying about whether the support bar on the back bottom will fit around toilet piping, it can be adjusted to two different positions to avoid the pipe. Please wait to add the cross-member until after the cabinet is in place or else you may need to lift it over the toilet.

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31.5″ x 11.8″x37.5″





Closet, Bedroom, Living Room

Closet, Bedroom, Living Room

‎Laundry room,Bathroom,Bedroom

Kitchen & Living room

Installation Needed

Fulfills Your Needs Perfectly: This over toilet bathroom organizer designed for over toilet placement measures 25.2″(64cm)×9.4″(24cm)×71.6″(182cm). The legs’ inner length spans 23.4″(59.5cm) from left to right, fitting most toilets and washing machines. The bottom cross support height from the floor is 4.7″(12cm), with two adjustable positions to accommodate the toilet pipe.
Versatile & Retro Design: This vintage-look over the toilet storage cabinet features particle board and a metal frame construction, fitting most standard toilets for storage of towels, toilet paper, toiletries and grooming tools. It can also serve as a shelf unit over washing machines to hold other items such as laundry detergents and fragrance beads.
Strong Metal Frame & Stable Build: This bathroom shelves over toilet features high-quality particleboard and a sturdy frame with metal X-frame crossbars for added stability. It has an anti-fall design and 4 adjustable feet for easy leveling on uneven floors, which also protect your floor from scratches.
Easy Assembly: Each piece is labeled and comes with straightforward instructions, leaving no room for error. Just follow the instructions provided and use the included tools for a hassle-free assembly. As a tip, make sure to attach the crossbar as the final step after positioning the over-the-toilet storage, to avoid having to lift it over the toilet.

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