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Mustad 641 Snelled Beak Hook Fishing Terminal Tackle (6 Pack), Bronze, Size 1

Price: $5.94
(as of Oct 25, 2023 00:55:26 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Mustad FishingMustad Fishing


Since 1877, our legendary Nordic craftsmanship has been used in virtually every body of water on Earth. Our innovations have set the standard in modern fish hook manufacturing and quality. We continue to push the limits with premium hooks for every species – from 1,000-pound Tuna to 3-pound Trout. While our heritage of excellence began with our tackle, it is constantly expanding across the entire fishing world, proving our passion for our people, our customers, our sport, and our planet.

Mustad Technology

Mustad Ultrapoint HooksMustad Ultrapoint Hooks

Mustad Grip Pin HooksMustad Grip Pin Hooks

Mustad Treble HooksMustad Treble Hooks

Nor-Tempered HooksNor-Tempered Hooks


Mustad’s UltraPoint technology ensures incredible sharpness without compromising strength. UltraPoint hooks are 20% sharper and designed to stay sharper longer, so you can keep casting without changing your lure or sharpening hooks.


Mustad Grip-Pin technology is designed with a molded resin pin that securely anchors a wide range of baits to the hook for a “no slip, no slide” design that extends the life of your bait.


Mustad Triple Grip hooks combine exceptional hooking and holding capability with outstanding strength. They feature a precise shape that almost “locks” a fish into the elbow of the bend, making it virtually impossible for the fish to throw the hook.


Mustad Nor-Tempering is 30% stronger than standard wire without being brittle. No broken points means more fish caught.

Mustad FishingMustad Fishing


Innovation, quality and a pioneering spirit have led to Mustad becoming the largest hook producer in the world. Today, Mustad can be found in over 160 countries around the globe. In many of these countries, the name “Mustad” translates to “fishing hook.”

Great with smaller rag worms, crabs and fish chunks
The offset hook point increases the hook hold
It permits the point to come in contact with the mouth of the fish, without turning
Best used for stationary fishing with a ledger/weight
Made of the highest quality material

Amandeep Buttar
Amandeep Buttar
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