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Siberian Sea Buckthorn Oil 100 Ml, Premium Quality, Natural, First Cold Press – 3.4 Fl Oz

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Product Description

Freeze-Dried BerriesFreeze-Dried Berries

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

Siberian Sea Buckthorn Oil Advantages:

Natural Sea Buckthorn oilFirst Cold Press, Extra VirginAlways fresh oil straight from Siberia

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

Power of the Orange Queen

The banks of Siberian rivers are home to bushes sprinkled with bright orange berries, the amber splashes resembling scatterings of gemstones or clusters of stars. In Siberia, this berry is called Northern or Siberian pineapple for its delicate, slightly tropical flavor, and the Orange Queen for its exquisite beauty.

This is the real life-giving water that famous warriors and travelers were looking for.

No other vegetable oil has as many carotenoids as Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil! These natural pigments take an active part in redox processes and metabolism while slowing down the aging process. Apart from that, Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil contains a whole range of vitamins, over 15 macro- and microelements essential for the normal functioning of the human body.

All in all, it is not by chance that Siberian Sea Buckthorn stands as one of the oldest plants in the history of medicine, culinary, and cosmetology.

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

The widest application of Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil has been found in cosmetology. Thus, theuse of the oil helps to:

moisturizede hydrated epidermis;ensure an even, healthy-looking face tone;soften rough, weathered skin.

A unique combination of multiple natural antioxidants facilitates comprehensive skin protection against UV and aging-induced oxidation.

Siberian sea buckthorn is quite special. It has embraced the power of the wilderness, the strength and beauty of rivers and forests, and the immensity of the sky. And this is the power the Orange Queen generously shares with anyone who shows the desire to seek, hear, and appreciate.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Beauty Hacks

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

For skin beautification

Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil is excellent for skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

Regular use of the product can contribute to smoothing wrinkles and lightening age spots.

Meanwhile, fatty acids and carotenoids work deep into the skin, nourishing it and slowing the aging process.

One good way to use the oil is to apply it to specifically irritated areas of the skin when it comes to redness and acne.

It moisturizes dry skin, cleanses oily skin, and tones fading skin.

The easiest way to use it is to add a few drops to your regular face cream. It can also be mixed with other ingredients (egg, sour cream, honey, fruit porridge) to then be applied to the face in the form of masks and compresses for 15-20 minutes then remove it.

For hair beautification

Due to high levels of flavonoids, C, E, and B-complex vitamins, provitamin A, and selenium in its composition, Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil helps to:

revitalizes and strengthens dry and brittle hair;softens, helps eliminate scalp flaking and irritation;enhances hair shine and elasticity;protects strands from the harmful effects of UV light.

Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil can be used for hair care without supplementing it with other components.

Heat it up and apply to the roots, strands, and ends of the hair and leave it on for 2 hours. Don’t forget to wrap your head in a terry towel.

Gastrointestinal benefits

With the beneficial properties of Siberian Sea Buckthorn oil it can use to improve your gastrointestinal health after consultation with a specialist.

Sea buckthorn oil may have benefits for the mucous membranes of the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

The recommended intake is 1 teaspoon twice a day, in the morning and evening before meals (15-20 minutes beforehand). Preferable continue taking it for at least two weeks.

sea buckthorn oilsea buckthorn oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits:

Omega 7Omega 3, 6, 9CarotenoidsVitamins E, C, K, P

100% Natural, Unrefined

Fisrt Cold Press, Extra Virgin

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.94 x 3.31 x 1.54 inches; 8 ounces
UPC ‏ : ‎ 636045854355
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0190KYSXK
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ Russian Federation

Natural Sea Buckthorn Oil
First Cold Pressed, Premium quality Sea Buckthorn Oil
No preservatives, colorants, aromas
Glass bottle
Produced in Siberia, Russia

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