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SUEWRITE Electric Deep Fryer, 1.5 Liters/1.6 Qt. Oil Capacity, Cool Touch Sides Easy to Clean, Deep Fryer with Basket for Home Use, Nonstick Basket

Price: $65.99 - $59.99
(as of Dec 02, 2023 17:41:21 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Deep FryerDeep Fryer

deep fryer with basket for home usedeep fryer with basket for home use

deep fryer with basketdeep fryer with basket

deep fryersdeep fryers

deep fryersdeep fryers

electric fryerelectric fryer

electric deep fryerelectric deep fryer

1.5 Liter Oil Capacity

Cooks up to 6 cups of French fries or chicken tenders.


Removable and easy to clean.

Cool-Touch Handles

Protect from accidental burns if touched during cooking process.

Visible Window

Large viewing window.

deep fryers for the home with basketdeep fryers for the home with basket

🍟1 or 2 Personal Deep Fryer: With its sleek design and cool-touch exterior, this deep fryer is not only stylish but also safe to use. The 1.6-quart / 6 Cup oil container provides enough capacity to fry food for 1 or 2 people, making it perfect for small households or individuals.
🍗Lid Design with Viewing Window: The special lid design of this deep fryer is another great feature. It not only helps to reduce splatter and mess but also includes a convenient viewing window. This allows you to keep an eye on your food as it cooks, ensuring that it reaches the perfect golden brown color without any guesswork.
🍤Intelligent Temperature Control: SUEWRITE small deep fryer offers adjustable temperature settings. You can easily select the desired temperature for different types of food, ensuring that they are cooked to perfection. Plus, the ready indicator light lets you know when the fryer is preheated and ready to use.
🍕Easy To Clean: It features removable and dishwasher-safe parts, making the cleaning process a breeze. No more scrubbing and soaking – simply remove the parts, pop them in the dishwasher, and you’re done!
🍔Rapid Heating: One of the standout features of this oil fryer is its hidden, embedded heating element. This innovative design ensures fast and even heating, allowing you to achieve perfect crispness in your fried foods. No more waiting around for the oil to heat up – this deep fryer gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

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